Where the love of water meets design

LacMerCiel was born in a rush of cold water, in the wintry depths of the pandemic, late in 2020.

Claudia and Susannah became friends over a love of surfing in the South West of France, egged on by their teenage sons. When the prospect of riding the waves receded, as lockdown restrictions loomed, they took to dipping in Clevedon Marine Lake, near to their Bristol homes.

As temperatures plummeted, their spirit rose and  they hatched a plan to create the cosy clothes swimmers crave when they emerge, dripping from the water, but injected with a big dose of style.

LacMerCiel evokes not just their love of France but also of the joy of experiencing lakes, seas and beautiful skies all over the world. It’s a homage to the Lido ladies of the 1920s, and the skins swimmers of the 2020s.

LacMerCiel - Get into the Blue – we do!