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LacMerCiel is about appreciating the Lakes, the Sea and Sky around us.

Whether you're a swimmer, surfer, paddle-boarder or skinny dipper we’ve got you covered.

Our soft, sustainable and eco-friendly t-shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, hoodies and hats offer the comfort you crave when back on dry land.

We know the buzz of icy H2o is matched by that warm, fuzzy feeling as your body warms up.

We celebrate the Lido bathers of the 1920s and give a high-five to the swimmers of the 2020s.

We're celebrating a chilled pace of life, nurturing a love of nature and embracing slow fashion.

Our swim icons inspire us to seek out beautiful spots and wild waterways

  • Swim Icon Kiki - everyday is like the best Sunday

    Swim Icon Kiki - everyday is like the best Sunday

    Kiki is the founder of Sunday Swim, she's an inspiration and a true swim icon. She swims with poise, with an aura of calm emanating from every pore, but it's never long before her laugh ripples across the water. 

    She's been an outdoor swimming fan for years, in lakes, seas, rivers and streams and is now a fully qualified Open Water Swim Coach offering training in the River Avon and Clevedon Marine Lake. 

    Everyday is like the best Sunday with Kiki, she brings her experience of competing in national swimming championships to the open water - helping people become safe and confident at whatever the level. 

    Swimming runs through her veins, it’s her solace, her relaxation, her reset and connection to nature, and if you ever have the privilege of dipping or being guided on an open swim with Kiki, it's an experience you won't forget.

    Kiki is also one of the founders of BODS, a Bristol outdoor swimming group set up to encourage more dippers to take the plunge whatever the weather. She's an RLSS Beach Lifeguard and also holds the National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches.

    If you are new to outdoor swimming, it's taking lessons can really help build confidence and Kiki will inspire you in and out of the water with her own special blend of kindness and vitality. High Five to Kiki!

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